The Open RPG List

Every game on this list has some form of open license which allows you to use its rules in your own products without obtaining permission first or paying some kind of license fee.  Please consult the licence documentation with the game itself before releasing a product based on it, and do not take anything we say here as professional legal advice.

TitleBased OnSRDPublisherLicense
6d6OfficialChris TregenzaCC-BY-SA 3.0
Apocalypse WorldLumpley GamesOGL
DayTrippersOfficialAs If ProductionsCC-BY-SA 3.0
DiasporaSpirit of the CenturyOfficialVSCA PublishingOGL
DonjonOfficialClinton R. NixonCC-BY-SA 2.5
Dungeon WorldApocalypse WorldOGNSage KoboldOGL
d20 AnimeUnofficial (download)Guardians of OrderOGL
d20 Modernd20 3.0Official | OGNWotCOGL
d20 3.0D&D 3rd EditionWotCOGL
d20 3.5d20 3.0Official | OGNWotCOGL
Fate 2.0FudgeOfficial (download)Evil HatOGL
Fate CoreUnofficial | OGNEvil HatOGL, CC-BY
Fudge RPGOfficialGrey Ghost PressOGL
IridiumOfficial (Free Purchase)HinterWeltOGL
LegendRuneQuestMongoose PublishingOGL
Mutants and Mastermindsd20 ModernOGNGreen RoninOGL
OpenD6UnofficialWest End GamesOGL
OSRICd20 3.0Official (Free Purchase)Usherwood PublishingOGL
Pathfinderd20 3.5Official | OGNPaizoOGL
RenaissanceLegendOfficial (Download)Cakebread & WaltonOGL
RuneQuestBRPUnofficialMongoose PublishingOGL
Spirit of the CenturyFateOfficialEvil HatOGL
SRD5D&D 5th EditionOfficial | OGNWotCOGL
StarfinderPathfinderOfficial | OGNPaizoOGL PublishingOGL
Swords and Wizardryd20OGNFrog God GamesOGL
TravellerOGNMongoose PublishingOGL
True20d20 ModernGreen RoninOGL
TSGSOfficialChris GonnermanCC-BY-SA 3.0 US
vsM Engine?
WayfarersYOGCOGL + ?
W.O.I.N.OfficialEN PublishingOGL

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