OpenRPGs.net exists to promote Role-Playing Games (the tabletop kind, not the computer ones) with an Open license of some kind. That means they provide some means of re-using their mechanics for your own products, either to create new games based on them, or to add material to the existing game. We also take a look at resources that can be used in the creation of your own material.

The site was started because I was feeling somewhat disappointed in the lack of non-d20 OGL games out there, and felt they deserved some promotion. We’ve had the OGL for more than fifteen years now, and it seems there’s just not as much interaction between publishers as I’d hoped when I first saw it. I was hoping for an explosion of OGL content, and instead it was just an explosion of d20 content. There are so many other systems out there with Open Licenses, and the aim of this site is to cover them all – not just the ones specifically using the OGL. Note that any kind of open license that allows others to freely create material for their product without paying or asking permission first is fine for inclusion on this site.

By “freely create”, we mean that you can make some material, usually an adventure, monster/creature/villain, or rules extension, and publish it whereever you wish, either for free or for profit. There can be no restrictions on where it can or cannot be published, the format it has to be in, or on charging for it. This usually entails having some kind of permissive license allowing elements of the game (stat block formats, some rules) to be reused.


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